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2014 was a year full of surprises. We moved, somewhat unexpectedly, from the TPC to our new home at the Royal Surrey, and as a result we've had to changes to our structures and buy-ins.

But all in all we think it was another succesful year for our club. PHPC really is about the social side of poker. We make sure our tournaments aren't rushed like they are in a casino and we can do that because we're committed to affordable small stakes poker tournaments and always will be.

As always there were winners and losers over the course of the year and special congratulations should go to Saab for taking down the Sumer of Poker and thus becoming our champion but also securing the coverted Tournament Player of the Year spot, it was well deserved.

As you know, we also record the stats for our players private cash games wich many host at home or in hired rooms and special congratulations should go to GOD who secured the respect Cash Game Player of the Year award for 2014.

Cash game result scan be tricky to verify and so we only have a few trusted games in which we record results. For details on these games you should ask around, the players are a friendly bunch and invites to the home games usually start to go the way of new players after a month or so.

2015 has gotten off to a slow start as January is traditionally a slow month. We'll carry on without a league until 2015's first Fusion tournament and then kick off Revelation II. We hope you're looking forward to them both as much as we are, but do try nd get a few warm up games under your belt over the course of February.


Posted on 2015 Jan 26 by Tel