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Summer of Poker

The 8th Summer of Poker is well under way as players jostle to become the PHPC champion 2014. Its a prestigious and much sought-after title and has a band of players who fight over it intently every year. Will we see the usual faces on the podium this year or will the new blood shine through?

Only time will tell but the race is proving interesting none the less with Saab leading the field after a third of games have been played, but Saab has played double the games of his nearest rival, former champion HoneyBadger and we hear Saab is taking a short break this month. 

Will the HoneyBadge pounce? Will last years champion Tel enter the race? Will LP! improve on last years 3rd place?

Its like watching the World Cup, only you can be part of it.

Posted on 2014 Jul 02 by Tel