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2014 was a year full of surprises. We moved, somewhat unexpectedly, from the TPC to our new home at the Royal Surrey, and as a result we've had to changes to our structures and buy-ins.

But all in all we think it was another succesful year for our club. PHPC really is about the social side of poker. We make sure our tournaments aren't rushed like they are in a casino and we can do that because we're committed to affordable small stakes poker tournaments and always will be.

Posted on 2015 Jan 26 by Tel

Autumn Review 2014

Its been quite a year at the PHPC and due to being so busy we've not really had a chance to update this news section since the SoP was in mid-flow. So we'd like to start by offering big congratulations to Saab for taking down The Summer of Poker and becoming our 2014 champion. Saab has continued his good form and looks to be challenging for the Player of the Year accolade as well being only a couple of cashes behind the ever reliable HoneyBadger.




Posted on 2014 Nov 20 by Tel

Summer of Poker

The 8th Summer of Poker is well under way as players jostle to become the PHPC champion 2014. Its a prestigious and much sought-after title and has a band of players who fight over it intently every year. Will we see the usual faces on the podium this year or will the new blood shine through?

Posted on 2014 Jul 02 by Tel

The Fusion 2 - 2014

What another great fusion final. Congratulaitons to hilary for taking it down, it really was a spectacular game yesterday. This week 'The Revelation' will resume, so look forward to you all coming back to the league games from Thursday.

Posted on 2014 May 13 by Samantha Day

Looking forward..

2013 was a great yeat for PHPC, in fact I would go so far as to say it's been our best year ever. When the year started we were two months settled in to our new home and the new cash game tracking software was working well after a few early tweeks. This meant we were not only the only club to track tournament stats for all of our players but also accurately track cash game performance..

Posted on 2014 Apr 27 by Willows

The Shield Final 2013

24 Qualifiers survived the group stages to earn a place in The Shield Final 2013 and many agreed LP! must be the clear favourite after starting the final as chip leader, but it didn't go to plan. Instead the new name on The PHPC Shield will be 2013 winner Dan K. Daniel scapped through the group stages by just five points and started the final with 15k less than the chip leader.

Posted on 2014 Apr 27 by Willows