Hall of Fame

All of our nights play part of a bigger campaign which we change every few months. The following chart shows all of our campaigns and its winner. We also note the players finishing runner up and in third place if that data is available to us.

Player of the Year

Campaign/Year Winner Runner-up Third
Player of The Year 2017 Sam Chuck Goody
Player of The Year 2016 Stuart Saab Goody
Player of The Year 2015 Stuart Saab Filipe
Player of The Year 2014 Saab HoneyBadger Jo
Player of The Year 2013 HoneyBadger Chiptastic Mark
Player of The Year 2012 Chiptastic Ben Filipe
Player of The Year 2011 Ceejay Mastiff Jo
Player of The Year 2010 Mastiff Jo Chiptastic
Player of The Year 2009 Tel Andy Stephen
Player of The Year 2008 Tel Farid Sam

Summer of Poker

Campaign/Year Winner Runner-up Third
Summer of Poker 2016 Goody Bobby C Saab
Summer of Poker 2015 Goody Saab Stuart
Summer of Poker 2014 Saab Cuckinfunt Yasin
Summer of Poker 2013 Tel HoneyBadger LP!
Summer of Poker 2012 Honeybadger Chiptastic Filipe
Summer of Poker 2011 Jo Tel Mastiff
Summer of Poker 2010 Chiptastic Mastiff Jo
Summer of Poker 2009 Kenny Tel Sam
Summer of Poker 2008 Kenny Unknown Unknown
Summer of Poker 2007 Sam Unknown Unknown

The Shield

Campaign/Year Winner Runner-up Third
The Shield 2016 Towers Saab Ben
The Shield 2015 Bird Filipe Clever Trevor
The Shield 2014 Ols Screech Towers
The Shield 2013 Daniel K Rex Again JP47
The Shield 2012 Chiptastic Ben Rex Again

Tournament of Champions

Campaign/Year Winner Runner-up Third
ToC 2017 Spikes Don The Buck
ToC 2015 Lowe Stuart Mike
ToC 2014 God Rose Sam
ToC 2013 Emlyn Chiptastic Kevin
ToC 2012 Jo James Towers
ToC 2011 Mastiff Sam Dolphin

The Revelation

Campaign/Year Winner Runner-up Third
The Revelation 2016 Mangled Ken Shane
The Revelation 2015 Stuart Saab Filipe
The Revelation 2014 Richard Jo Rex Again

The Bazaar

Campaign/Year Winner Runner-up Third
The Bazaar 2016 Goody Daniel K The Buck
The Bazaar 2015 Clever Trevor Goody Frank
The Bazaar 2014 Rakshi Adriano Sam
The Bazaar 2013 HoneyBadger Neville Kash
Hamper Scamper 2012 Kevin Radek Jodie
Hamper Scamper 2011 Ceejay Marcus HoneyBadger
Hamper Scamper 2010 Little Pete Rikki Sam