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Updated: Thursday 26th August at 15:50

The PHPC is South Londons premium club stakes poker venue. We host tournaments for members of The Royal Surrey Social Club and pride ourselves on keeping everything affordable.
If you fancy getting involved we would advise you to pop into the club a couple of days before you plan to play and sign-up as a club member.
As a member you can enjoy any of the clubs facilities, including Snooker, Pool, Darts, and Poker, as well as enjoy a resonably priced drink.
If you become a regular theres every chance you could join one of the teams as there are RS Snooker, Pool, and Darts teams, and theres even a few football teams knocking about.
If Poker is your game, or one of them, then this is the place to get all the results.

Player of the Year


This is the race to see who has been the best player of 2016.
The Top 3 will earn a place in our Hall of Fame.
Bobby C1180
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